Crewed Yacht Charters

Learning About Crewed Yacht Charters

Not everyone thinks of a crewed yacht charter when they think of their next luxury vacation. But as anyone who has been can tell you, there’s nothing quite like spending a week sailing through gorgeous waters. So how to go about it? Just as with any other specific holiday option, crewed yacht charters have their own special ins and outs. Read on for a quick tutorial that could have you taking your next trip aboard a beautiful yacht.

Where to Go

First off, let’s talk about destinations for cruising. It’s always good to go to a place that has plenty of experience catering to charterers. Yes, you could go off the beaten track, but for your first time why not choose some where that is very well used to the yacht charter crowd.

If you’d like to try out a cruise in Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean has beautiful warm temperatures and crystal clear waters. Visit Greece, sail in Turkey or venture to the beautiful Croatian coast. You’ll find excellent food and plenty of resources for cruisers.
In the Caribbean, go for the British Virgin Islands or the half-Dutch half-French island of St. Martin. You can also opt for the Bahamas or St. Vincent and Grenadines; all offer easy sailing, plenty to explore and vibrant, welcoming cultures.

Both the Caribbean and Eastern Med also offer easy hub airports for arrival- an important consideration as you’ll have to arrive by air to set off on your yacht charter.

Choosing a Boat and Crew

When it comes to choosing the right charter it isn’t as simple and finding a pretty boat that will sleep everyone in your group comfortably (although this is certainly important).  You’ll want to choose a boat with friendly crew who can really make the trip special. Many sites offer a full description of each crew member’s experience and strengths. There are crews with a member who is great with children, or crews who happen to be excellent fishing guides.


Don’t hesitate to ask questions in your search- you’ll get a feel for how the experience will be from the first email exchange or telephone call.

As for the boat, do choose one that is in good repair and has the right level of comfort and privacy. The latest trends in crewed yacht charter also point to people asking for things like wi-fi and plenty of water toys- if your group includes teens or adventurous types do look for a boat that has extras like kayaks and paddle boards.

Check the Inclusions

With crewed yacht charters it’s important to check to see exactly what’s included from the very beginning. The last thing you want at the end of a great holiday is to be hit with a huge unexpected charge.

Find out if the cruise is all-inclusive, meaning you have meals and beverages included. Ask to see a sample menu to be sure you’ll enjoy what they have to offer. If it’s not all-inclusive, you’ll often be asked to pay and advance-provisioning charge. The captain  should then provide you with an itemized list of what was spent and you’ll either receive a refund or make up the difference.

The best plan is to discuss everything in detail before setting off. Many charters do expect you to foot the bill for one or more land-based meals for the captain and crew. And finally, have a serious chat about tipping practices. The minimum is usually 10% of the entire charter cost, and it’s usually best to pay in cash. Find out what’s expected in advance to avoid any hard feelings in the end.

Now that you have rudimentary knowledge of what a luxury crewed yacht charter entails, go out and look for the perfect one for your next vacation!

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