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Summer is a perfect season for a wedding. Many couples choose to say their “I Dos” during this season and this is with good reason. Preparing for a summer wedding is perfect because of the weather. You get to enjoy outdoors while walking down the aisle of pretty flowers decorated everywhere. You can choose either to have a beach or garden wedding. In addition, summer is also the season for vacation, so distant family and friends can come.

But despite these many benefits, summer weddings can also throw a number of curve balls along your way. Good preparation is very essential to keep your families, friends, and guests at ease and comfortable during your special day.

Here are some of the wedding tips that can help you plan a wonderful and successful summer wedding:

  • Budget

Weddings are extremely exciting, but overwhelming. All couples would want only the best and the finest; thus, they have the tendency to go out of budget. For this reason, setting-up a budget is very crucial when preparing for your summer wedding. It’s important to discuss this your partner and come with a budget that you can afford. Once you’ve agreed on the amount you are willing to spend on your special day, planning your wedding will become a lot easier. Knowing your budget ahead of time will lessen financial headaches and prevent future arguments.

  • Venue

With the golden sun and the warm breeze, summer is a perfect time to exchange vows. However, the weather can be unpredictable. Although this is a great time to plan for a beach or garden wedding, it is still crucial to choose an outdoor venue that has a backup plan for unexpected bad weather. It is also better to talk with your wedding coordinator to set-up additional shades or tents that will protect the guests from harsh sunlight and possible rain.

  • Invitation

After you’ve decided how many guests you want to invite and where to celebrate your wedding, the next thing to prepare are your invitations. It is important that you have them delivered weeks or months before the big day so it will give ample time for your guests to prepare. Sending invitations early will increase the chance of them attending your wedding celebration. And since this is also a summer wedding, you can include some simple note on the invitation that reminds guests what to wear for your outdoor event.

  • Water/Cold Drinks

The sweltering heat of summer can make guests uncomfortable. Make sure that you prepare cold drinks and water to keep your guests hydrated and cool during the ceremony and after wedding party. It is also better to talk with the caterers in advance to prepare cold drinks at every table and quickly replenish once emptied.

  • Dress

The wedding dress is considered the most important detail in any wedding. Be sure to spend enough time with your wedding designer to talk about the design of the dress that you will wear for your big day. For a summer wedding, go for a light and comfortable garment would be best. Choose a wedding designer that has years of experience in the wedding industry, so you can make sure that he or she can help you make the best decision for your wedding.

  • Makeup

An outdoor summer wedding may provide a wonderful and romantic setting for exchanging vows, but it can also be makeup-melting disaster. For that, it’s important to invest on some water-proof makeup or makeup primer to keep your face glowing and oil-free throughout the celebration.

  • Photography

For you to keep a lifelong remembrance of your wedding day, photographs are essential. They make the memory come alive, as couples look back at the photos and reminisce that moment. So when planning for your summer wedding, your wedding pictures should also be on top of your priority lists. Choose a professional wedding photographer that can produce a beautiful storybook album that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The summer heat is not truly a foe; as long you take a good plan for your wedding event, you and your guests can truly enjoy this occasion.

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